MS fatigue ‘is helped by Tai Chi’

Community-based tai chi has been linked to improvements in endurance, strength, fatigue, and balance in a small group of patients with MS, according a new study.

Because tai chi is thought to aid in balance, Linda Csiza, PT, DSc, NCS, of the Department of Physical Therapy at Texas Woman’s University in Dallas, sought to explore the benefits of tai chi in patients with MS.

The study included patients aged 18 to 75 years with an MS diagnosis. The intervention consisted of six weeks of twice weekly, one-hour sessions of tai chi.

Participants underwent pre- and post-testing for balance, strength, fatigue, and endurance.

Significant improvements were observed for balance, strength and perceived fatigue. Lind Csíza said: “Many participants began the class from a chair but by the end of the six weeks were completing the tai chi exercise while standing.”

Source: Neurology Advisor, 06 June 2016, Shannon Aymes MD (click to view actual page)