Personal History

One of the reasons I took up Tai Chi was to help with the after effects of a motorcycle crash in my early 20’s which broke my pelvis in 3 places. Inevitably as I grew older arthritis started to develop in the damaged joints. Also I felt I needed to improve my general health, as I was not getting any younger and unable to use other forms of exercise, even walking could be a problem at times.

I persuaded my mother to come with me to the 1st class and we have both continued to practice Tai Chi since that day. For a year we went to class once a week, feeling the benefits we increased this to 2 classes a week. We both found our general health and stamina improved but I was feeling so much better that I could cut back on my painkillers.

I noticed a marked improvement in my posture alongside an increased ability to flex joints, including my fingers which were starting to deform through arthritis. With the improved posture and practice at Abdominal Breathing I found I could breathe more freely and my ability to relax improved.

This was when I decided I wanted to learn how to teach others the Tai Chi exercises. I wanted to help other people gain the same benefits that I had.

I received my qualification through the NOCN on 8th Nov 2011 and have been teaching ever since. After starting with 1 class a week, I am now teaching 6 classes and practising daily in between and find myself continuing to improve. It is also very informative and rewarding when members come to me in class and tell me about benefits they have noticed personally. Several have told me about lowered blood pressure or a lessening of pain. One gentleman even told me it improved his golf swing and has since gone on to practice Tai Chi daily at home, becoming one of my star pupils.